Cat Playtime Revolution: 16 Must-Have Toys Your Tabby Cat Will ADORE!


Cats are lively animals, so giving them toys is a great way to keep them occupied and mentally challenged. Finding toys that your tabby cat will actually play with can be difficult because not all cat toys are made equal. This post will look at 16 toys that your tabby cat will definitely enjoy.

Understanding Your Tabby Cat’s Play Preferences

Understanding your tabby cat’s preferred forms of play is crucial before we explore the various toy categories. While some cats prefer to chase their toys, others prefer to bat them around. While some cats like peaceful toys, others enjoy toys that generate noise. To find out what kinds of toys your cat likes, pay attention to their behavior.

The Importance of Interactive Toys

A fantastic approach to strengthen your relationship with your cat and give them mental stimulation is through interactive toys. By forcing your cat to use their problem-solving abilities, these toys can help keep them from becoming bored and engaging in destructive behavior.

The Role of Texture in Cat Toys

Because cats are tactile beings, a toy’s texture can be just as significant to them as its size or shape. Consider the following various surfaces when selecting cat toys:

Soft Toys

For cats who prefer hugging and snuggling, soft toys are ideal. Try to find toys that are covered in soft materials like fleece or faux fur.

Crunchy Toys

For cats who like to chew and bite, crunch toys are ideal. Look for toys made of cardboard or other materials such as paper.

Toys That Engage the Hunting Instinct

As natural hunters, cats may find toys that resemble prey to be particularly alluring. These toys encourage your cat’s wild hunting instinct:

Feather Toys

Feather toys are traditional cat toys that are ideal for cats who like to chase and pounce. Look for toys with feathers dangling from a thread or wand.

Laser Pointers

Another familiar toy that can keep your cat entertained for hours is a laser pointer. Never, however, aim the laser at your cat’s eyes, as this is crucial.

Flopping FishThis realistic fish toy flops around like a real fish and is filled with catnip to keep your tabby entertained.
Cattraction with SilvervineSilvervine is a natural alternative to catnip that many cats love. This toy is filled with silvervine and has a feather attached for extra fun.
Petstages Puzzle ToyThis puzzle toy has multiple compartments that can be filled with treats to keep your cat entertained and mentally stimulated.
Catit Sense Circuit ToyThis interactive toy has a ball that moves around a track, providing hours of entertainment for your tabby.
SmartyKat Concealed MotionThis toy has a hidden motor that moves a feather wand around, mimicking the movement of prey and keeping your cat engaged.
Petlibro Electronic MouseThis electronic mouse toy moves around on its own, providing a fun and interactive experience for your tabby.
Running WheelA running wheel is a great way to provide exercise for your cat, especially if you have limited space.
Cat Toy RollerThis toy has a ball that moves around a track, providing endless entertainment for your tabby.
Automatic Laser ToyAn automatic laser toy provides endless entertainment for your cat, without requiring you to hold the laser yourself.
Interactive Treat MazeThis toy has multiple compartments that can be filled with treats, encouraging your cat to work for their food and providing mental stimulation.
Trixie Mad Scientist ToyThis toy has multiple compartments that can be filled with treats and requires your cat to use their paws to access the treats.
Yeowww! Catnip BananaThis toy is filled with high-quality catnip and has a fun banana shape that many cats love.
Cat TreeA cat tree provides a great place for your cat to climb, scratch, and play.
PetSafe Cheese ToyThis toy has a mouse that pops out of a cheese-shaped block, providing endless entertainment for your tabby.
Scratch-and-Roll ToyThis toy has a scratch pad on one side and a ball on the other, providing multiple ways for your cat to play.
Catnip MouseThis classic toy is filled with catnip and is sure to be a hit with your tabby.
Here is a table of 16 Must-Have Toys Your Tabby Cat Will ADORE

Toys for Mental Stimulation

Some toys can stimulate your cat’s mind in addition to interactive toys. With these toys, your cat must solve a puzzle in order to get a treat.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys have a treat or toy concealed within that your cat must discover in order to get. Look for toys with concealed entrances or compartments.

Food-Dispensing Toys

As your cat plays with them, food-dispensing toys release treats or cat food. These accessories can keep your cat from becoming bored and promote increased activity.

Toys for Physical Exercise

Just like humans, cats require exercise. Thus, their health and well-being must give them toys that promote movement.


A traditional cat toy, balls are ideal for cats who like to chase and bat. Look for balls that are made of felt or rubber.

Wand Toys

Toys with a long stick or wand attached to a toy at the end are known as wand toys. These are the ideal cat toys for cats who like to leap and jump.

The Benefit of Catnip Toys

A substance called nepetalactone, found in the plant catnip, can make cats feel euphoric. Catnip toys can keep your cat occupied for hours since they include dried catnip.

Safety Considerations for Cat Toys

Safety must be taken into account when buying cat toys. Always keep an eye on your cat when they are playing with toys, and stay away from toys with little bits that they could ingest.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What are some DIY cat toy ideas?

You may create a variety of DIY cat toys from everyday household objects. Examples include homemade catnip yarn balls, cardboard box mazes, and toilet paper roll games. Cutting holes in a disposable food container and stuffing it with toys or snacks can also be used to create food-dispensing toys.

How can I make a cat maze for my tabby?

Use cardboard boxes and punch holes in them to build a trail to make a cat maze for your tabby. To make the maze more interesting for your cat, you can also add toys and goodies to it.

What are some inexpensive cat toys?

You may manufacture or purchase a wide variety of low-cost cat toys. Balls, wand toys, and homemade catnip toys are a few examples.

What toys do cats enjoy playing with?

Cats like playing with toys that appeal to their natural hunting instinct, stimulate their minds, and promote movement. Feather toys, puzzle toys, and balls are a few examples.

How can I entertain my tabby cat?

By giving your tabby cat toys that appeal to their hunting drive, stimulate the mind, and promote physical activity, you can keep them amused. Playing and showing your cat love and attention are some options.

Do cats really like playing with toys?

Cats do indeed like to play with toys. Cats need mental and physical exercise and stimulation from toys in order to be healthy and happy.


Providing toys for your tabby cat is an excellent method to keep them occupied and mentally active. You may support your cat’s happiness and health by learning about their preferred forms of play and selecting toys that appeal to their natural hunting instinct, offer cerebral challenges, and promote physical activity.

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